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Large Rose Quartz Sphere - OrientalBeads

    Large Rose Quartz Sphere

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     A beautiful and large rose quartz sphere, the unconditional love stone. This is a promotional item meant to advertise my store and brand, which explains why its so cheap, it even has shipping included worldwide, this promotion will not run forever!

    Although a ''rock'' might seem hard, when it is polished like a sphere, there is something oddly satisfying and soft about touching and stroking it... The professional polished finish on my rose quartz spheres will ensure you will touch it at least once a day... Rose quartz is widely known as the unconditional love stone! If you are looking to gift a crystal to a lover, or a good friend, rose quartz is your best bet! It is believed to promote self love as well as being able to help you manifest love yourself.

    A story told about rose quartz in a Greek legend states that the God of love; Cupid, along with his partner in love Eros, carried the rose quartz stone into human civilization from the heavens with the goal of spreading the loving energy and desire of the stone into the world. The rose quartz crystal is still used for this purpose to this very day.

    - 100% Brand new and high quality

    - 100% Natural Rose Quartz Crystal

    - Handmade Carved

    - It is good gift for your friends,families


    Type: Crystal Sphere

    Material: Rose Quartz

    Color: Pink

    Diameter: 40-45mm/45-50mm/50-55mm/55-60mm/60-65mm/65-70mm


    Because it is 100% natural crystal,it is hard to keep everyone is same,so these may happen:

    The size & weight of everyone always is different,it's normal for the difference.

    The color may also have some difference with the product,it is normal.

    The pictures often look larger than real product,pls refer the product size.

    If you mind these,pls don't place an order,thank you for your assistance!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Really lovely rose quartz sphere!

    Really lovely color to this rose quartz sphere. I'm pleased with my purchase.

    Absolutely gorgeous

    Absolutely gorgeous, beautiful rose quartz

    Spheres packaged well

    Spheres were packaged well to prevent damage. Shipping was reasonable considering it was international. Very pleased with my purchase.

    pretty crystal sphere

    Very pretty crystal sphere

    sphere amazingly

    The sphere is amazingly beautiful. Smooth, very nicely polished... Awesome. I'm so happy with it 윊

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